SHE Rep 2 Day training – “The response was very positive from employees, it’s worth the investment.”

Dion Nqamakwe,
SP Forging (Port Elizabeth)

Thomas Booysen who gave us the course was friendly and explained the theory in a way that we could all understand.

The practical was done in such a way that not only was it fun but we learnt a lot from it as well. We contract to Primedia and I will definitely recommend that other chaps use your company.

Richard Terwin Snr,
Terwin Enterprises (East London)

The Incident Investigation course was perfect to me and I got the knowledge what I want because I've heard several times about these two words (ACCIDENT & INCIDENT) but It was blank to me to differentiate them, but now I can tell you even if am waking up at night.

Actually it was not about these two words everything was clear, and what I like about your facilitator when you ask he's not getting bored you can ask him questions as many as you want, he is friendly & kind.

And what I've noticed to him is that before he starts teaching is the welcoming, definitely when you are being welcomed as a learner you feel comfortable & free and no doubt you will listen carefully, lastly he's got good examples to such an extent that I wont forget anything what he has taught me.

The next one for me will be a BASIC FIRE.

Nomabhelu Gwayana,
HDM Construction (Umtata)

The professional conduct of Riverport SHE Training Academy allowed the AIDC EC to offer a tailor-made and highly effective Peer Education training on Wellness, inclusive of HIV&AIDS, to our customers in the commercial Agriculture Sector of the Sundays River Valley/ Eastern Cape in February 2014.

The willingness of Riverport SHE Training Academy to meet the specific training needs of the target group was reflected in a well adapted training offer, as well as a trainer and training manual adequate to meet language requirements and educational levels of the trained employees.

The training was conducted in a highly professional manner. The trainer managed to create an open and confidential learning environment, in which participants felt safe to express their views. A planning meeting prior to training and a follow up meeting after the completion of the training allowed for quality management as well as transparent communication between Riverport SHE Training Academy and the AIDC EC.

I thank you for your exceptional work and am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Martina Osterndorff - Development Advisor,


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